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Take Two Crackers and Call Me in the Morning

   A real life guide for surviving morning sickness

A 93-page book complete with 38 real-life cartoons, this resource provides solid solutions to the problems of those horrible queasies. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words — and our sensitive cartoons illustrate realistic problems most women have found themselves struggling to overcome.  Several of the mini chapters address the horrors of hyperemesis gravidarum (HG).  This is a great resource for women who fatigue easily and who need some humor during the worst moments. (The book can also be used as a coloring book, a distraction some women need.)  Indexed by illustration and lists 88 references.   This is the resource written by a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist who has helped care for several hundred women with this problem.

Grinnen-Barrett Publishing Co.
IBSN: 0-9613063-9-7
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This book is also available as an eBook.

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Coma dos galletas y me llama manana en la manana!

Una guia real para sobrevivir los malestares del embarzo

. . . and we offer the first morning sickness resource in Spanish!

Grinnen-Barrett Publishing Co.
ISBN: 0-9613063-8-6
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Managing Morning Sickness

A survival guide for pregnant women

“This detailed guide to morning sickness focuses on controlling symptoms through diet. . . . Sample recipes, menus, and a “survival kit” are provided. For all popular medicine and consumer health collections.”
—Library Journal 

If you are green and queasy with morning sickness, wait no longer! Order your copy of “Managing Morning Sickness” today! This new revised resource will provide you with inspiration, food strategies, alternative therapies and much more. Over 400 pages of the latest information to combat this dreadful inconvenience of pregnancy.

Nip your ugly symptoms in the bud — before your nausea grows into debilating vomiting and your life becomes one of the queen of couch potatoes! Over 60,000 women in the US are hospitalized every year with the most severe form of morning sickness — hyperemesis gravidarum.

Please print and pass along this flyer to your friends. Give someone this resource as an early pregnancy gift and a gift card in your name with be included with the book. Your OB providers may not know that resources on morning sickness exist. Why don’t you tell them about this book? And help the office staff help their next queasy caller with a printout of this web page.

Grinnen-Barrett Publishing Co.
ISBN: 978-09235218-2-0 Paperback $16.95 plus tax and shipping

This book is also available as an eBook.

ISBN: 978-19366933-4-4 eBook $9.99

Other Resources 

Little Nudges Magnet

$5.00 per magnet
($3 P&H for each magnet to the same address)

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Little Nudges Magnet

. . . to support healthy eating and lifestyles

Miriam firmly believes that optimal nutrition before and during pregnancy, along with weight management, produces the best outcome for mother and baby. Proper food choices during pregnancy provide the vital nutrients for a baby’s brain development and reduce maternal complications such as gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure.To help remind women and their families of this message, Miriam created a “Little Nudge” just for this reason.

Magnet is 3 inches in diameter. (See below for the poem on the reverse side of the magnet card) Order several today to have on hand when someone you know announces their new “news”!

A Mother’s D.I.E.T.*

Planning Motherhood? No better time to explore
The foods and nutrients in the “Plate of Four”  

Milk and yogurt with calcium abound
Don’t forget riboflavin, here it is found  

Fruits and juices give you vitamin C.
Some fiber and folate; take it me. 

Vegetables add a lot to a meal.
Loaded with vitamins: such a good deal!  

Whole grain breads and cereals so nutrient dense.
To include them daily makes lots of sense. 

Protein keeps the body intact.
Critical for life. now that is a fact. 

The “EXTRA” category is familiar to all;
The fats and the oils—a diet downfall! 

This is the group that gets you in trouble;
As far as calories, they provide double! 

Protein and “carbs” per gram are four —
Fats give you nine, quite a bit more! 

To maintain healthy complexion, pink and all
Walk briskly daily — outside — or in the mall. 

These are the facts to help you decide
What you should eat or just push aside.

“Your baby must eat!” Remember that line
As you pull up your chair and sit down to dine.

Don’t think of “D.I.E.T.*” in any negative way
It’s the baby’s start to good health: begin today.

*Discover intelligent eating/exercise today.

© 2011  M. Erick

We searched just about all the on-line greeting card outlets and did not find one single card for your situation! Imagine . . . there are cards for stomach stapling but none for sick mothers! So, we figured it’s time to fill the void. What we hope will happen as a result of others downloading these cards, they will learn more about your problem and offer to assist you with household and personal care.

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Download any cards you like for free, then print, fold and send them.

One of the early appreciators of the physical and psychological elements of nausea (due to seasickness) was Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC–43 BC). He said he’d rather be put to death than experience the tortures of seasickness!


Just sending you a little historical
trivia for a distraction …

And fingers crossed for this
misery to be over yesterday!

Congrats on the news a baby is on the way!


Fabulous …

But WHATS! on the horrible
nausea and vomiting bit?

Hoping for a most
speedy resolution of the
morning sickness!



Very sorry to hear about your miserable morning, noon and night-time sickness!
Wishing for speedy resolution …

Dealing with Morning Sickness ... and more