There could be more than eleven triggers which aggravate nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP) , such as hormones especially the GDF-15 culprit. That one we can’t do much about but the ones listed below, might be somewhat modifiable in your environs. Some family members and friends need a bit of “cluing-up” to minimize your misery.

  1. smells
  2. motion- both physical motion and visual motion, such as the flicker from computers or other electronic devices
  3. noise
  4. adverse climes- such as hot and sticky or cold and clammy. The study of the effect of climate on human performance and/or behavior is called bio-meterology.
  5. bright lights
  6. constipation
  7. hunger
  8. sleep deprivation
  9. dehydration
  10. altered electrolytes
  11. stress and disrespect
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